Sunday, 5 September 2010

Maison Martin Margiela

Exhibition Guide - Maison Martin Margiela - Somerset House

On Friday Amy (my lovely fellow intern/friend) and I went to the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition at Somerset House.  It was such a beautiful day and Somerset House looked amazing, I wanted to sit in the courtyard all day and play with the children carelessly in the fountains!

The exhibition was amazing and a great insight into the fashion house.  Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures.  I loved the 'white-ness' of the whole thing and his work is truly amazing. I was like a little child I wanted to touch everything but had to restrain myself.

I have to admit I wasn't completely clued up on who Martin Margiela was but now I'm really intrigued by his work and concepts. I really love his take on fashion, silhouette and minimalism.  I loved how he recreated clothing out of old pieces, like a pair of trousers made from old belts.  Some of his pieces were truly extraordinary. 

Not only was I fascinated by his work but who he was as a person, his dislike of celebrity and his anonymity of himself and in his work.  It really makes you focus on his clothes and some of them are exceptional pieces. 

I loved the grungey, minimalistic, deconstructive-ness of it all!

Here are a few images of his work that I could find on google.

Masked Models
Amazing Silhouettes
Store Interior
Store Interior 2 - LOVE

Bea x

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