Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I feel it important to inform you of my love for Gossip Girl it encompasses so many things I love. I am slighlty (over) obsessed with Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick and my favourtie character is Blair Waldorf I absolutely adore everything about her!
I almost squeeled with excitement when I saw this clip. It contains so many of my favourite things; Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass (alive!), Blair Waldorf (and her wardrobe), Fashion and Paris.
What more can a girl want?
Does anyone know when the new season starts in the UK?
Bea x


If you haven't been to Camden its a real must if ever you are in London. The Stables Market is amazing and it feels like your in a different country! There are sooo many stalls with heaps of jewellery just like this, I was in Heaven!!! I will be returning soon to buy myself one of those massive turquoise rings!

Some Eye Candy for the day :)

Bea x

Monday, 30 August 2010


I have been super crazy busy all summer as I am interning at a PR agency in London, so don't have much time.  I am absolutely loving it though and really am learning so so so much and having amazing experiences! I love working in London.

Last weekend my girlfriends from uni came to stay in London and we had a well deserved girly weekend catching up on each others lives! We spent all day in Camden and then went out in the evening.

It was such a lovely weekend. However, it was bittersweet as I left my suitcase on the train :( Its my worst nightmare... I have lost so many things! My new French Connection dress, my two pairs of favourite shoes, all my favourite clothes, my trusty black mesh dress, my scarves AND my Michael Kors watch given to me for my birthday from my boyfriend. I'm still hoping that it will be found as it the lost property system takes ages :(

However I am trying to stay positive!!! Here are a few (happier) pictures from the weekend....

I couldn't imagine anything worse!!!
Camden Town
Lift Photos are a tradition of ours!
Mojito my absolute FAVE!
Ellen - Me - Grace
In these photos I am wearing:
French Connection - Dress
Pandora - Bracelet
Ebay - Ring
Shoes - New Look

Bea x

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Make a Wish

Today I assisted on my first photoshoot.  My sister competes in teen pageants and decided to create a Pageant Girl calendar to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation.  The whole photoshoot was organised by her and I was there to assist on the day.  I assisted with directing the photographs, make up, creating props, sorting out set locations and helping with outfits.  Originally I was supposed to be styling the girls but due to lack of organisation (not me!) and time I was unable to properly style the girls! So although the outfit choices are not my own, I feel it let the girls be themselves and therefore result in a better end photo! I cannot wait to see the edited photos, especially the ones that are having the backgrounds superimposed. 

Here are a few of my sneak behind the scenes shots... sorry for the poor quality but they were taken on my Blackberry. 

The Photographer was Neil Ednie who runs lots of pageants including Miss & Miss Teen Beauty Queen.  All the girls are aged between 14-18 and take part in a variety of pageants throughout the UK. Each month had a theme e.g. October - Halloween, June - Festivals, February - Valentines.

I had such an amazing time and look forward to working on more shoots! Cannot wait to share the final images and look out for a Make the Wish Pageant Calendar coming soon to a store near you!

Bea x

Friday, 13 August 2010

Current Obsession

My latest obsession is Sam Edelman shoes I've had my eye on them for a while now but have decided now that I NEED them in my life!

The 'Zoe' Boot

The 'Lorissa Spike'
The 'Zoyla Stud' Boot

The last two are available on ASOS.com - I definately will be purchasing the Lorissa Spike when I have enough money, I can't decide between the Zoe and the Zoyla Stud though. Which do you think???

Here you can see where my inspiration came from... my true idol, Mary Kate Olsen.

What do you think of Sam Edelman shoes?

Bea x

Monday, 9 August 2010


Harpers Bazaar UK - September Issue 2010
Image: Studded Hearts
I absolutely adore this jewellery editorial in Harpers Bazaar, the ring collection is AMAZING! The piece that particularly caught my eye is this Scorpion Cuff - I LOVE it!!!  Definately inspired me in my quest to update my jewellery and accessories collections.  I really want an upperarm bangle or cuff.

What are your jewllery lusts?

Bea x

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Skull Lust

I have an ever growing obsession with Skulls and want to add as many Skull items into my wardrobe.  Two items I am currently lusting over and would love to add to my collection are;

Links of London Skull Charm Bracelet

I spied this Links of London beauty on http://www.linksoflondonblog.co.uk/ and have been dreaming of it ever since.  Cannot wait to see it in stores! A possible 21st Birthday present perhaps?
Koff Skull Candle

I work in Covent Garden and I walk by a really quirky hairdressers everyday; the interior design is amazing.  One day I saw these skull candles in black, white and gold and made it my mission to find some myself! They are designed by Koff and are amazing! They are £45 and are available on my-wardrobe.com - definately an investement!!!

Any Skull items you can suggest?

Bea x