Monday, 28 February 2011


Just like everyone else this morning I have been talking about the Oscar's and most importantly the Red Carpet at the Oscar's. It was the first thing I checked on my computer this morning. The phrase "Slave to fashion" springs to mind.

Here are my favourites...

Rachel Roy
This is one of my favourite looks, its not the most glamorous but it makes me want that dress! Love the colour blocking and the shape.

Mila Kunis - Elie Saab Couture 

*Fashion Circus Favourite*
For me this is a match made in heaven, I love Mila Kunis and I love Elie Saab (twas one of my favourite Haute Couture collections). Simply Stunning. 

Florence Welch - Valentino Haute Couture

I'm not a massive follower of Florence Welch's style, but I do love this look. 

Amy Adams - L'Wren Scott 
At the top of my favourite list for the night. The blue sequins, the cartier jewels, just everything together. Its Beautiful.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture
I loved the Givenchy Couture collection, it was to die for.  So, I was really looking forward to seeing someone wearing a piece from the collection.  Cate didn't disappoint. This look is just so elegant. 

Celine Dion - Armani Prive
I'm not a massive fan of this dress on Celine Dion. But I am a massive fan of this dress. So simple yet gorgeous.

Hilary Swank - Gucci Premiere
Feathers and sequins, need I say more?!

Camilla Alves  - Kaufman Franco and Matthew McConaughey - Dolce & Gabbana

This picture is just far too beautiful....

Natalie Portman in Rodarte 
Love this colour and the detailing, beautiful.

There were some other beautiful dresses and some that are not so much.  

Who were your favourites?

Bea x 


Friday, 25 February 2011

LFW - Favourites

London Fashion Week is over! 

I'm definately still recovering from it ( and I didn't even go to any shows, boo!)   I did, however, work at an event on Monday for the Eastpak Artist Studio (check out my Tumblr) and get to go to a LFW party, which was so good! 

Anyway, here are my favourite looks from LFW...


I'm a massive Erdem fan. I love the collection, but not as much as I loved the SS11 one. Love this look in-particular and this model is stunning!

Matthew Williamson
 I think as a full collection, Matthew Williamson was my favourite! Love this look.

Matthew Williamson

This look has convinced me further... The futures bright, The futures Orange Trousers!

Roksana Illincic

Coloured fur is popping up alot this season. Love this contrast in colours, striking!

Meadham Kirchhoff
I have included this look simply for that crucifix necklace. WANT.NEED.LOVE.

Holly Fulton

I love Holly Fulton's prints and I loved this collection with the mix of her prints/fur/snakeskin... Beautiful!  I need to get a fur jacket like the black on in the 3rd image.

You may be surprised that I haven't featured any Burberry looks here (I'm surprised myself, I'm a huge Burberry fan) but nothing made me want to sell my soul to have it in my possession.  Not like in previous seasons were I have considered never eating again if I could own a Burberry studded trench like in SS11.  I don't see anything in this collection that had the WOW factor like the Aviator Jacket of AW10.  Sad times!

Who were your favourites over LFW?

Bea  x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NYFW - Favourites

So, I'm super jealous of anybody that attended NYFW. Fashion + New York = Heaven! I only visited there in January and I already want to go back.  Everytime I watch Gossip Girl I end up with the urge to book a trip. Alas, my bank balance won't stretch that!

London Fashion Week is in full swing, so things are busy busy busy!. I'm loving what I am seeing so far.

Before I start to delve in to London Fashion Week, I thought it best to do a round up of my favourite looks from NYFW:

3.1 Phillip Lim
Love the leather sleeves.

DKNY was one of my favourite shows. Love the styling!

Derek Lam

 'New Edwardian' Love the lace SO pretty!

 Love the colour blocking... Who would have thought I would lust after orange clothing?! 

 Beautiful. Love the skirt.

Loved Rodarte. End of.


The Row
 Loved this collection.  I need a lace/sheer maxi skirt in my life. 

Vera Wang
Will definately be searching for one of these jumpers come A/W (or now).
Alexander Wang
 Always love Alexander Wang.

***This is me being VERY selective.

Bea x 

Saturday, 5 February 2011



My flatmate Grace's socks.

How very 'Prada' of her!

Bea x

Material Girl

As I think I previously promised, I have finally got round to taking some pictures of some of my more recent purchases.  Some from New York, some in the Sales and some just because I wanted them!

Once again excuse the poor quality images... still without a decent camera so pictures were taken on my laptop.

Diamante Skull ring - ASOS
Diamante Cross ring - Urban Outfitters

Cream Skull bracelet - Tarina Tarintino - New York
Silver Skull Bracelet - Links of London
(other two are my Pandora Charm bracelet and wooden 'Jesus' bracelet - not new)

Leather and Metal Skull Clutch - Republic

Leather Studded Clutch - Topshop

Gold Skull Money Box - Urban Outfitters

Studded Leather Jacket - Mango - ASOS
I had a little trouble with this jacket.  I found it in the ASOS sale for £80 down from £265 and it was perfect, just what I had been looking for. So, I bought it.  However, ASOS sent me it in Chocolate Brown instead of black and in the mean time sold out of black.  So, unfortunately, I'm stuck with the chocolate brown jacket. Not ideal! Luckily for ASOS it is very very very dark brown so only looks brown next to black. phew!

Bea x

P.s Red Lace dress i'm wearing is from Topshop... it's very Erdem SS11.

Light as a feather...

For a long time now I have been inspired and drawn to imagery of birds, their silhouettes (take note background of twitter, blog and tumblr), swallows and feathers.  I'm not entirely sure what it is I love about them.  Perhaps their delicacy, elegance, symbolism of freedom? Or, they are just pretty... mystery eh?

The other day I went to see Black Swan and it was everything everyone told me it was and more.  I love the Ballet.  I danced from the age of 2 up until I was about 12 and my father was a dancer in the Royal Ballet. Safe to say, it's something I am passionate about.  It's beautiful.

The film was for lack of a better word Amazing. The costumes, the music, the cinematography, the story, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman and did I say the costumes?

Costumes by Rodarte.

I fell in love with the white dress Natalie Portman wore when they announced her as the 'Swan Queen' I couldn't find a good image so have shown the illustration, it's beautiful.

Feathers, Feathers, Feathers... <3

Bea x 

A girl after my own heart...

Once again having internet issues, so please excuse the lack of blogging.  However, I have still been managing to blog inspirational images over on my Tumblr please do check it out! I do love how through tumblr I can share my mood, current desires and inspiration so seamlessly.


One of my 'current desires' is jewellery by Aurelie Bidermann.  Just Divine.

Images -

Mother of Pearl charm bracelets in bright colours, gorgeously delicate rings, cuffs and necklaces in gold and silver.  Skulls, feathers, snakes, peace signs, stars...

This jewellery brand was made for me!

With prices £45 - over £1000, I will hopefully be able to purchase a few beauts.  I would love to stack my wrists with an array of bright coloured string and mother of pearl charms this summer. 

O and the piece de resistance...

Image -

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a picture of this piece of perfection anywhere so have screengrabbed from the Spring 2011 Shopping Guide on

Perfection, non? Skulls + Turquoise = Masterpiece.

Aurelie Bidermann is a genius.

Bea x