Saturday, 5 February 2011

Material Girl

As I think I previously promised, I have finally got round to taking some pictures of some of my more recent purchases.  Some from New York, some in the Sales and some just because I wanted them!

Once again excuse the poor quality images... still without a decent camera so pictures were taken on my laptop.

Diamante Skull ring - ASOS
Diamante Cross ring - Urban Outfitters

Cream Skull bracelet - Tarina Tarintino - New York
Silver Skull Bracelet - Links of London
(other two are my Pandora Charm bracelet and wooden 'Jesus' bracelet - not new)

Leather and Metal Skull Clutch - Republic

Leather Studded Clutch - Topshop

Gold Skull Money Box - Urban Outfitters

Studded Leather Jacket - Mango - ASOS
I had a little trouble with this jacket.  I found it in the ASOS sale for £80 down from £265 and it was perfect, just what I had been looking for. So, I bought it.  However, ASOS sent me it in Chocolate Brown instead of black and in the mean time sold out of black.  So, unfortunately, I'm stuck with the chocolate brown jacket. Not ideal! Luckily for ASOS it is very very very dark brown so only looks brown next to black. phew!

Bea x

P.s Red Lace dress i'm wearing is from Topshop... it's very Erdem SS11.


  1. love your clutch!

  2. Thanks sweety! I wear them everywhere! x