Saturday, 18 June 2011

Chasing Pavements

The weather in London at the moment is pretty horrific.  I don't think I remember a time when we weren't constantly looking up at the ominous dark sky which threatens a torrential downpour at any second.  It is hard to adapt to this weather, I have been caught out in a maxi dress and pumps/sandals too many a time now and the other day I may as well have swam to work.  Drowned Rat is not chic!
The weather has pointed out a distinct lack of flat, stylish, practical footwear in my wardrobe.  So once more I have found a selection of shoes that I 'NEED' and many that I just 'LOVE' and therefore, 'NEED'. 
My feet & heart (and soul) belong to you Jeffery Campbell and Sam Edelman.
Jeffery Campbell 'Lita' in taupe suede

Jeffery Campbell 'Mariel' in black suede

Jeffrey Campbell 'Nation H' in black & brown distressed

Jeffrey Campbell 'Zoe Fur' in Cheetah

Sam Edelman 'Pax' in Chateau Grey Leather 

  Pixie ankle boots, studs, wedges, cowboy/biker boots, suede, leather, leopard print.
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