Saturday, 5 February 2011

A girl after my own heart...

Once again having internet issues, so please excuse the lack of blogging.  However, I have still been managing to blog inspirational images over on my Tumblr please do check it out! I do love how through tumblr I can share my mood, current desires and inspiration so seamlessly.


One of my 'current desires' is jewellery by Aurelie Bidermann.  Just Divine.

Images -

Mother of Pearl charm bracelets in bright colours, gorgeously delicate rings, cuffs and necklaces in gold and silver.  Skulls, feathers, snakes, peace signs, stars...

This jewellery brand was made for me!

With prices £45 - over £1000, I will hopefully be able to purchase a few beauts.  I would love to stack my wrists with an array of bright coloured string and mother of pearl charms this summer. 

O and the piece de resistance...

Image -

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a picture of this piece of perfection anywhere so have screengrabbed from the Spring 2011 Shopping Guide on

Perfection, non? Skulls + Turquoise = Masterpiece.

Aurelie Bidermann is a genius.

Bea x

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