Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NYFW - Favourites

So, I'm super jealous of anybody that attended NYFW. Fashion + New York = Heaven! I only visited there in January and I already want to go back.  Everytime I watch Gossip Girl I end up with the urge to book a trip. Alas, my bank balance won't stretch that far...boo!

London Fashion Week is in full swing, so things are busy busy busy!. I'm loving what I am seeing so far.

Before I start to delve in to London Fashion Week, I thought it best to do a round up of my favourite looks from NYFW:

3.1 Phillip Lim
Love the leather sleeves.

DKNY was one of my favourite shows. Love the styling!

Derek Lam

 'New Edwardian' Love the lace SO pretty!

 Love the colour blocking... Who would have thought I would lust after orange clothing?! 

 Beautiful. Love the skirt.

Loved Rodarte. End of.


The Row
 Loved this collection.  I need a lace/sheer maxi skirt in my life. 

Vera Wang
Will definately be searching for one of these jumpers come A/W (or now).
Alexander Wang
 Always love Alexander Wang.

***This is me being VERY selective.

Bea x 

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