Monday, 30 August 2010


I have been super crazy busy all summer as I am interning at a PR agency in London, so don't have much time.  I am absolutely loving it though and really am learning so so so much and having amazing experiences! I love working in London.

Last weekend my girlfriends from uni came to stay in London and we had a well deserved girly weekend catching up on each others lives! We spent all day in Camden and then went out in the evening.

It was such a lovely weekend. However, it was bittersweet as I left my suitcase on the train :( Its my worst nightmare... I have lost so many things! My new French Connection dress, my two pairs of favourite shoes, all my favourite clothes, my trusty black mesh dress, my scarves AND my Michael Kors watch given to me for my birthday from my boyfriend. I'm still hoping that it will be found as it the lost property system takes ages :(

However I am trying to stay positive!!! Here are a few (happier) pictures from the weekend....

I couldn't imagine anything worse!!!
Camden Town
Lift Photos are a tradition of ours!
Mojito my absolute FAVE!
Ellen - Me - Grace
In these photos I am wearing:
French Connection - Dress
Pandora - Bracelet
Ebay - Ring
Shoes - New Look

Bea x

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