Sunday, 15 August 2010

Make a Wish

Today I assisted on my first photoshoot.  My sister competes in teen pageants and decided to create a Pageant Girl calendar to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation.  The whole photoshoot was organised by her and I was there to assist on the day.  I assisted with directing the photographs, make up, creating props, sorting out set locations and helping with outfits.  Originally I was supposed to be styling the girls but due to lack of organisation (not me!) and time I was unable to properly style the girls! So although the outfit choices are not my own, I feel it let the girls be themselves and therefore result in a better end photo! I cannot wait to see the edited photos, especially the ones that are having the backgrounds superimposed. 

Here are a few of my sneak behind the scenes shots... sorry for the poor quality but they were taken on my Blackberry. 

The Photographer was Neil Ednie who runs lots of pageants including Miss & Miss Teen Beauty Queen.  All the girls are aged between 14-18 and take part in a variety of pageants throughout the UK. Each month had a theme e.g. October - Halloween, June - Festivals, February - Valentines.

I had such an amazing time and look forward to working on more shoots! Cannot wait to share the final images and look out for a Make the Wish Pageant Calendar coming soon to a store near you!

Bea x

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