Monday, 21 November 2011

Birthday Wishes...

It's my 22nd Birthday later this week... I really don't want it to come, I LOVE being 21 and it really has been the best year of my life so far!  

I have a never ending wish-list and am lusting after many a designer piece.

However, this year I am blighted with 3 horrific university assignments and being cash poor, boo!

Here are a few things that would make my Birthday a little better...

I have been lusting after this coat for so long, it popped onto my screen via in about September and it is finally in store at Topshop.  It's my perfect coat!

A black floppy hat, NEED on in my life.  This one is from Miss Selfridge.

Spikey Bracelets from Topshop.

Large turquoise knuckle ring from, Love Hearts and Crosses.

My friends call me a fox, so this cute furry hat from River Island will be perfect for keeping me warm over winter!

Getting ready for Christmas with the snowflake print cardigan and fur trim from Topshop!

Cute knitted hairband to keep my ears warm in the frosty winter!

Peace ring, Topshop.

Bea x 

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