Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Here's to 2013...

2012 was a whirlwind of a year...

With finishing my degree, moving back to London and jumping feet first in to the big bad career world; I've not had much time to just relax. 

This time last year, I made my New Year Plan (here)... I don't make resolutions, never have, never will I'm afraid; I do however, make goals!

Goals for 2012:

  1. To graduate with a First - CHECK!
  2. To get a good job once graduated - CHECK!
  3. To look after my health/skin/hair etc - CHECK!
  4. To get my tattoo - NOT YET...
  5. To go on Holiday - CHECK!
  6. To carry on building my wardrobe of clothes & accessories - CHECK!

I nearly fulfilled all my goals for this year and number 4. will be added to my list for 2013. 

As it worked so well last year, I have some new goals for 2013.

Goals for 2013:

  1. To re-decorate the house 
  2. To get a tattoo
  3. To reach my goal weight/body (healthily)
  4. Organise my finances - after 4 years of uni, this is a must! I aim to be super frugal this year, you might even find me at a few Car Boot sales!
  5. To take part in DRYATHALON - I signed up today to raise money for Cancer Research, no alcohol/fizzy drinks for January - my page is here.
  6. Blog more...
  7. Get out of my make-up rut/Be more daring with make-up (wear more lipstick etc)
There are also some silly goals I'd like to throw in there, for example to get a puppy or own a Celine bag... a girl can dream!

animated gifs

I have lots to look forward to this year, including my new baby sibling arriving in May! I definitely intend to make this year one of the best...

Now I'm off to nurse my hangover and enjoy the last of my lazy days before heading back to work later this week. 

Here are some words to inspire you for 2013.



  1. Hi I got your link from the #bbloggers twitter chat. I love the dryathalon thing your doing. I've not heard of it until now and may decide to join in :)


    1. Hii, thanks so much for taking a look :) I heard of it via some one on Facebook and thought it was a great idea! Let me know if you do take part and good luck if you do :)

      B xoxo

  2. I want a Celine bag! Might settle for a dope on Ebay. You accomplished a lot in 2012, let's hope you do so in 2013.

    Much love

    Jess D from FBL

    1. Hi Jess,

      Desperate for a Celine bag, they are so beautiful, think I would struggle to pick one colour! Thanks so much :) Happy New Year, I hope you have a great one!

      B xoxo

  3. Such a lovely post - Happy New Year! X

    1. Aww thank you!! - Happy New Year to you too xx