Sunday, 13 May 2012

Graduation Ball

Last night it was time to bid a fond farewell to my four years as an International Fashion Marketing student at Manchester Metropolitan University. My friends and I all got dressed up and headed to our Graduation Ball at the Hilton Hotel. 

Here are my photo's from the night...

Photo: Instagram (@bea_circus)
Nails: Models Own
Jewellery: H&M

Photo: Instagram (@bea_circus)
My Outfit
Dress: Aqua
Jewellery: H&M
Shoes: Small shop in Manchester

Photo: Instagram (@bea_circus)
My friends & I

Messing around before the ball...


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Our Table

Can't believe that I am no longer a student, time to join the real world!!!


  1. You look gorgeous here, really love your dress! ~ox

  2. your pics are brilliant, looks like you all had a ball

    kirsty x -