Thursday, 10 May 2012

I want to smell like...

First of all I want to say that I am finally FREE! I finished my final exams on Tuesday and I have come to the end of my 4 years at university. It is such a strange but happy feeling, I am finally leaving education! So now, I should hopefully have much more time to focus on my blog (hurray!).

Today has been spent prepping for my Grad Ball this Saturday, purchasing accessories and dry cleaning my dresses (still haven't made a choice of which one I am going to wear). Whilst shopping and creating my lust list in Selfridges, I popped to the fragrance counters as I'm desperate for a new one. 

I fell in love with the Tom Ford perfumes....

I am yet to choose my favourite, but they smell like heaven. Just like everything else he does, Tom Ford has created beautiful perfume! I've been intrigued to try it after my boyfriend bought the mens and also I read that the one and only Mary-Kate Olsen wears Tom Ford... so knew it had to be good. 


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