Thursday, 17 May 2012

Chloe Jade Green X Topshop

I mentioned a little while ago that Sir Philip Green's (a.k.a The Retail God) daughter was launching her footwear line, CJG, into Topshop. 

I adore the collection and the mint green sole is divine and perfect (my favourite colour) and I desperately need to get my hands on a pair! 

Here are some of my favourites...

Lady Mama Crystal Booties - here

Misha Slingback Mega Wedges - here

CJG Stud Back Peep toe - here

Love. Love. Love.


  1. Didn't think I'd be too keen on Chloe Green's collection but I absolutely adore those crystal beauties!
    Love your blog btw - I'm now following! Check mine out if you have time :) xx

    1. There have been lots of mixed reviews on the collection, it's not the strongest but there are some gems in there! I'm looking forward to seeing how it will progresses. Yes, they crystal ones and the mint green wedges are lovely!!!

      Thank you so much for following :) Your blog is cute, I love that metallic lilac Topshop dress xxx